Encountering the Unexpected

When life messes with you, how do you keep from curling up in a ball and becoming something you aren’t?

At some point in life, we all hit a wall of the unexpected – and not the good unexpected.  What we do in these times will often determine the course of our lives.

1.  When the unexpected is your own failures:

Think about Peter.  He messed up entirely and Jesus reached out and drew him in.  Then Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, and under this fresh anointing, Peter was transformed into the bold man we see in the first part of Acts.  Ask God to call you to Himself and remake you fresh and new.

2.  When the unexpected is lack of resources:

Think about Gideon.  God uses you best when your resources are dwindled down to the point when you know you have to depend on Him.  Ask God to release His resources so you can do what He has called you to do.  Jesus promised in John 13-15 that if you ask for what you need to do what you were called to do, He would make sure you have it.

3.  When the unexpected is emotional turmoil:

Think about Daniel.  Daniel was pulled from his home at an emotionally sensitive age, probably his early teens.  Then he was put in a culture that was very different than his own.  He maintained his stability, strength of character and thrived in this difficult time by use of the spiritual disciplines.  Draw near to God.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  He will sustain and transform you.

Change isn’t easy, and each ‘turmoil’ is change of some sort.  We hit a point where the future doesn’t look like the past, or where our next steps aren’t marked out for us.  In order to walk where we can’t see the stones, we have to have faith like Peter who walked on the water – ask God to call you to Himself, then keep your eyes on Him as you walk through the tumultuous waves of life.

There is a song:  My deliverer has set me free.  You are free to walk in victory despite your circumstances.  God created you for a purpose, and He will help you walk in that purpose.  Obstacles are opportunities for growth if you let them become so.  No matter your turmoil or obstacle, God will use it to work things together for your good and your development into the person you were created to be.

In all turmoil, remember Joseph.  He kept a great attitude and leaned into the adversity, and in the end, he saw God fulfill the dreams that were in his heart.  There had to be times along the way where he thought his obstacles were too insurmountable – but God turns all things around for His purposes.  Lean into Him and find His deliverance.


2 Responses to “Encountering the Unexpected”

  1. karla Says:

    Unexpected illness, you didn’t mention it, but it seems to be recurrent theme of late in our family. We are at the age where parts of our bodies stop working spontaneously or go haywire. I think it is the time where I learn to lean on God and really deepen my faith walk. I don’t like it, but I am grateful for these times

  2. Jeanine Says:

    I like your analogy of “leaning into” the adversity, and then watching God do his part for us. It is Autumn now. Have you ever been in a wind that is blowing soooo hard, that you can literally lean into it, and not fall? I have. Actually it’s kind of enjoyable and envigorating! Llet us be reminded by the wind around us this season, that God is here for us, and we can trust Him! !

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