Extraordinary by John Bevere

extraordinaryWhen I was 16, I read The Fourth Dimension by Cho this was my introduction to the Holy Spirit.  It revolutionized my understanding of God.

10-12 years ago, I read Experiencing God by Blackaby, this revolutionized the way I serve God.

John Bevere has written a book that is equally life altering.

I have some heroes – two of them are Rosalind Goforth and Jackie Pullinger, two women who dared to believe that life with God is supposed to be different, and staked their lives on it.  Goforth talks about being so sick she had no voice, yet mounting the stairs to take the pulpit – and from the moment her feet touched the platform to the moment they left, she was 100% healed.

I listen to my kids, and I realize that built into every person is a desire to be special – to be a hero.  Thus, the success of X-Men and Heroes.  When you accept Jesus into your life, God’s Spirit comes to live in you – to teach and guide you.

Ever feel like this should mean more than you are living?

Extraordinary is a book that takes everything that has been floating around in my brain – the two books I mentioned above, John 14-17, and a firm belief that we are supposed to live a victorious, yet outwardly focused life – and puts it in a logical, linear path that explains it exactly right – without weird theology that some are prone to.  You can live victoriously.  Your life can be different.  Not because you try harder, but because God Is, and He lives in you.

Can you tell I like this book?

They tell me that if you go to Waterbrook’s web site and click on the On-Demand button, you should be able to see an interview Bevere did today.  (As of 7pm pst, 10/6, it isn’t up yet)

You can also buy the book by going to Random House’s website or Amazon.com.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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