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Illustrated Guide to Religions – Great for Families

September 30, 2009

blog1I have two teens and two pre-teens in my home. Do you have any idea how many different religions we interact with on a weekly basis?

We live in respect for those we walk with, and expect that God will do His work, sometimes even through us.

This means that we do our homework:

* to show respect for other people
* to understand why other people have the world views they have
* to answer questions in ways others will understand
* to know how to pray
* because I expect that every one of my kids will have a faith crisis, and I want them to know God personally, not just as an idea.

When this book came across my desk last Spring, I was very excited. Now, I’m not the only one explaining other people’s points of view to my children.

* Why do some people wear head scarves?
* What is Ramadan?
* Why won’t my Muslim friend eat meat?
* Why do some people go to church on Sunday?
* What is Kosher?
* What is Baha’i?

The Illustrated Guide to Religions
is an awesome resource.  It is from a Christian world-view, but not ultra-conservative. I have found it to be a reputable source.

Beverley addresses the history of each religion, common Christian whiplash responses, and questions that people might have.

My favorite feature (being rather ADD and very busy) is the sidebars that highlight details necessary to understanding the religion.

If you walk with people who don’t know Jesus (and I hope you do), I think this book will be an great help and save you a lot of time.

Since this book is written from such a Christian worldview, I’m not sure how it will be heard by those who don’t know Jesus. I’d like to see what someone from another faith thinks about it.

You can buy it at