Kiss Me Again – Restoring Lost Intimacy in Marriage

image001On Monday night, I was at a Christian writer’s group.  Someone mentioned sex.  I teasingly leaned over to the person sitting next to me (who really didn’t like sitting next to a chatty person, btw) and asked “so we admit we have sex now?”

“Not in print,” she said.

Well, not only do we admit we have sex, but Barbara Wilson admits that sometimes, we have issues with it.

Previous relationships; promiscuity; abuse; the things that happened in our sex lives before our married lives can seriously mess up our intimacy with our mates.

Barbara explains why our past can keep us from sexually fulfilled marriages, and then gives a great plan for restoration and repair.  In fact, she uses the same basic pattern for repair and restoration that I have used successfully with many people who come from difficult backgrounds.

Sometimes things are so deep you feel like you can’t even talk to your girlfriends.  Barbara has been there and shares from her own experience, both the pain and the victory.  This is a book that will give you hope as well as practical tools to take your marriage to the next level of intimacy.

I have two of these books to give away.  If you are one of the first two people to email me:, the book is yours.

If you miss it, or want to get an extra for a friend, you can buy the book at


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