Among the Living

dandilion2There are some seasons of life where it is a lot harder to mentally stay among the living purposefully face forward and live in joy.

Today I want to spend a moment and remember my dear friend, confidant, and mentor, Joyce Peretti.

Joyce showed me what the Joy of the Lord is.  She loved God and loved people.  She showed me that not everyone over a certain age was stoggy,  and gave me hope that a backwards person such as myself might be okay afterall.

After reading Frank’s book on bullying, I had an inkling that things were as wild in her house at one time as they were in mine, so I went to her for parenting advise.  She looked so shocked that I would ask!  “I was just the parent each one needed when they needed it, I guess,” she said, after thinking about it for a few moments.

Joyce went to be with Jesus on Monday.  I am so sad for me, and all who relied on her wisdom.  There are some holes that just can’t be filled.  I’ll be happy for her in a day or so – I know she is singing His praises now.


2 Responses to “Among the Living”

  1. rosemarie Says:

    Lovely tribute – she was a woman of grace. You will carry her wisdom as your tribute to her legacy, friend.

  2. Jeanine Says:

    I agree with Rosemarie. In many ways, out real meaningfulness is in the lasting legacy we leave, and how the values we lived by will then be continued in others.
    How does that song go? ….. “The footprints we leave ….”

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