I Don’t Like Them!

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What happens when social rules clash?

If you brought a dynamic leader from 200BC forward to today, there would be a huge clash of culture.  Charisma draws its own audience, but the people of that era lived by entirely different social rules.  Some of the things that were loving and right for them are really wrong and down right evil to us.

Things aren’t always this traumatic.  They show up in much milder forms.  When my kids were little, I discovered that it was easy for them to break other families’ social rules.

Once, while at a friend’s house, one of my kids asked an adult they didn’t know what authority they had to tell them what to do.  In our house, that is a valid question.   We had taught our kids to assess the person giving directions before following them because not all the adults in their lives were, well, adult.  In the house where they were spending the night, children always obeyed every adult.

When people marry, they bring their love, hopes, dreams and two completely different sets of societal expectations.  The farther apart the societal expectations, the more work the relationship takes to form solidity.

You know, God knew all this to begin with.  Time travel is out, but in our world that is now so small, it is easy to see present-day cultures collide from differences in societal norms.

In Genesis 11, God confused the language of the people.  Why?  Because they had become obsessed with themselves and forgot to make Him part of the equation.

Along with different languages came different cultures, different interpretations of the right ‘rules’ to follow.  The only way to find sanity is to make Him the center.

Do you need help finding common ground in your relationships?  Do you have people in your life that just rub you the wrong way?

God is the answer.  If you put Him in the center and look to Him for answers, He will work on the other side of the equation.  You can’t change other people.  They have spent a lot of time and energy becoming who they are.  However, God knows them from the inside out.   He is inside their head and inside yours.  He can bridge that gap and make the communication work where it hasn’t before.

Relationships aren’t easy. In fact, they take a lot of work.  Sometimes, those that are closest to us take the most work.  Thankfully, God sent His Holy Spirit to help us, teach us and guide us.  We can count on Him to give us good answers and bridge those relationships.


One Response to “I Don’t Like Them!”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Good, timely words. I especially like these:

    “You can’t change other people. They have spent a lot of time and energy becoming who they are. However, God knows them from the inside out. He is inside their head and inside yours. He can bridge that gap”

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