meltdownI just finished a really good book – Meltdown.   This is the third book in the series.  I missed the first two books – now I need to go hunt them down.

In this book, you’ll meet (or re-meet if you’ve read the earlier books) Task Force Valor.  Mary, John, Sweeney and Rip travel the globe to save the world.

Meltdown says it is a suspense novel, but it will get your adrenaline pumping at about the level of a good mystery novel, with plot twists to match.

I have read books that wove the gospel in so naturally you didn’t even notice.  This one wasn’t quite so subtle, but had the beginnings of real potential as it described a pastor’s son’s struggle with Christianity.

My favorite part was the realism – you travel the world with Task Force Valor (as well as the bad guys), and you can tell that the author has actually been there.  His writing bears marks of realism in culture and visual details that makes the story come alive.

Anyway, this was a great book.  It gave me several days of relaxation.  You can buy it here:  on Amazon.


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