5 Steps For Balance


There is a creative floor on my building.  I can tell because of the people who work there.  They wear really cool clothes, they carry cool artsy things.  Every time I’m on the elevator with them I feel…cool, like their artistry will rub off on me somehow.

Interestingly, without the rest of us (who are just as cool, btw), these artsy, beautiful people wouldn’t have a job.

In every company, there needs to be detail people so that there can be conceptual people.

In every life, there needs to be detail and conceptual – balance.  One can’t exist without the other.  Well, they can exist, but they begin to look lopsided and yucky.

Yet, we want to live life to the fullest, live it with gusto – how do you put everything you have into life and still keep balance?

  1. Don’t try to balance God.  If you make God something you are trying to balance, you’ve missed the point.  God is the only one who can bring balance to your life.  Ask Him to bring everything into balance and you will be amazed!
  2. Know which floor you belong on.  Acknowledge what comes easily to you – this is where you will be tempted to spend all of your time.  This is also where you should spend most of your time if you are to go with your strengths.
  3. Get help for the other floors.  Really – you can’t be the best at everything, so find out what you can do, and look for assistance in other things.
  4. Lists!!!  I’m really working with this one.  Especially with school starting soon, trying to go on vacation soon, soccer season in full swing and wanting to make jelly this weekend.  Make lists and start checking things off!
  5. Once a month, take a big picture look.  What does your life look like from a bird’s eye view?  Sit down with God and prayerfully look through your life for balance and imbalance.  What has God said to you lately?  Where is He challenging you?  Encouraging you?

I believe there is an artist in all of us.  We need art.  We need leaders, we need accountant, truckers, builders, housekeepers and (put your occupation in here).  When we put all the floors together, we have a very successful organization, and a very successful life.


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