Cracked Pots needing GRACE

dsc_0534Stress causes weird things to happen.

For example, I’ve crashed my car twice in the last two months – just the fender, but still…

During times of stress, the fender benders of life are sometimes in our relationships. It is important to sprinkle those we love with lots of grace.

God, help me to see others the way You see them, and not through my eyes. What I see isn’t always the whole truth.

Relationship comes before reaction. A lot of times, I just want to react to someone’s actions. In times like that, I need to be careful not to damage the relationship – to wait and not react. Remember the fender bender? I was running into things not because I was a bad person, or because I meant to, but because I had other things going on in my head.

Allow space. People who are under stress need space – no hovering. They just need to know you care, and are available when they are ready to talk.

Create times of joy. You need to laugh. It will reduce stress considerably.

Expect, beg, plead for God’s intervention. You can’t change things, only God can. None of us can make it through more than a couple seconds without God’s help. When you have friends who are going under, pray for them – pray for God to do a mighty work on their behalf – and expect God’s activity.

Why God chose to have relationship with us is beyond me, but I am so grateful. By ourselves, we are a bunch of broken vessels – cracked pots actually – but with the oil of the Holy Spirit and the creativity of the Father who makes all things new, Cracked Pots become beautiful pitchers and vases for His glory.

You are precious. You were created for God’s purposes. He wants to breathe life into other people through you today.


One Response to “Cracked Pots needing GRACE”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Very true! I especially like the phrase, “Relationship comes before Reaction”. Wise advice!

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