Double Book Review, and a Give Away

Today, I have two book reviews for you and a give away.

the friends we keep

First, The Friends We Keep:

I read a book once that made me so mad I threw it across the room – twice.  It changed my life.

The Friends We Keep hit me at that deep emotional level.  I got mad, I cried.  I’m not 17, so I didn’t throw the book.  Instead I leaned into it because I’ve learned that there is a pain that leads to healing.

The women I walk with don’t really get it when I say that I am socially moronic.  However, there are wounds that shape us from earliest childhood – they shape how we view ourselves. 

This book is challenging my view of myself, and helping me to appreciate that unidentifiable thing called friendship.

I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a book for a book club.  However, this book is so deep, and so exactly right that it makes me want to form a book club just so that I can do it in a book club format. 

Not only do I recommend it, I challenge you to get a group of friends, form a book club, and read it together.  It will change how you view yourself, and it will change how you view others.

 I have a free copy of this one to give away to the first one to email me

 If you don’t get the free one, you can buy it from Random House

kay arthur study


Precept Ministries International has come up with a new Bible Study Series:

 The 40 Minute Bible Study, A 6-Week, No-Homework Bible Study.

 Here is what I want you to know:

  •  If I ever buy a bible study just to do myself, I look for a Kay Arthur bible study, because I think she is the best.
  • Precept Ministries (Kay Arthur) Bible Studies teach you how to study the bible while they teach you about the bible.
  • Like most bible studies that say they are 40 minute bible studies, I think in practicality, this is more like a 75 minute bible study if no one does home work ahead of time.
  • The bible scriptures are right in the workbook, and the workbook is about ¼ to ½ inch thick, so for those who want a bible study to do on the bus or at work, this is VERY practical.

So, do I endorse it?  YES!  In fact, I think these look terrific.  Here’s the website where you can find the topics: 40 Minute Bible Studies


3 Responses to “Double Book Review, and a Give Away”

  1. Sue Timpe Says:

    that one on friends looks so challenging – do I dare read it????

  2. kim Says:

    I think it’s good. I think it would be better to find people to discuss it with, perhaps over coffee on a Saturday morning.

  3. Jeanine Says:

    We all feel “socially moronic” at times, that’s for sure! However, you need to know that in your own “Kim way”, you are a TERRIFIC friend – to MANY of us! Really! As you say, we each need to “be the woman, God created us to be” We also need to ACCEPT who we are – individually-handcrafted by our Maker!

    Of course we all can improve, but as a much-loved daughter of God, know that you are already befriending a lot of people!!!

    You make this book sound very intriguing; I’d like to read it sometime, too.

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