The Hourglass Principle

hourglass principleI have a confession.  Years ago I sold water filters.

In three months I alienated the few friends that I had, spent over $400 and earned something like $125.

I failed horribly because of one thing:  Integrity.  I tried to do what they told me.  I called a friend I respected and asked him to ‘check out this program for me and give me your opinion’.  When I called him, I hadn’t made up my mind; but by the time he came to the meeting, he was a mark.  He realized it in minutes and called me on it.   My soul shriveled and I wanted to quit at that moment.

I’ve been reading The Hourglass Principle this week.  The subtitle for this book is “Maintaining your integrity in sales and life by managing in the middle”.  This is more than just a book about sales, although it helped me understand my own debacle of a venture into sales.  (I really had no idea who I was, and I never knew where I was in any of the transactions.  I wasn’t helpful to anyone.)

I don’t think you can be good at any people-occupation without mastering the principles in this book.  Every sales person and leader should read it.

I read about one leadership book a month.  To my memory, I’ve never read a book on sales.  This book was definitely worth my time.  The more I read, the more I enjoyed it.

Ray does get a little wordy.  However, when you are paving new mental pathways, extra words are helpful for solidification.  Maintaining our integrity in sales and business relationships is so important, we need to reestablish those brain connections regularly and make sure the link is firmly established.

So, we wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy this book as well.  I have one book to give away.  I think, since I bore my soul and shared my most horrible sales moment – I’d like to hear from you.  The first person to share the following will receive this book:   One thing you’ve learned about working with people and/or one thing you’d like to learn.

If you don’t get the book for free, you can still buy it here: from

Want to learn more about the book or author?  Check out the Author’s Website:

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