The Basics Arts of Family Togetherness

DSC_0654Pickles, blueberries and family.  This is the theme of my weekend.

We spent Saturday blueberry picking.  If you haven’t gone blueberry picking, you should try it.  It is easy and fun.  In about 1/2 hour, we picked 23 lbs 7 oz.  While we were there, I picked up 6 lbs of cucumbers for 30 cents a lb.  (For those who want to know, we went to Donnelly’s Riverbank Blueberries near Monroe, WA.  Phone:  360-793-2114.  email:

So, after we returned home, we found a recipe for pickles.  Caitlyn and I bought all the stuff for pickles and laid it all out on the table.  We went to three stores trying to determine just exactly what constituted the right kind of dill weed for canning, and finally discovered it at the local fruit stand.

My husband got up this morning and found the dill weed on the table.  He thought somebody had pulled in a weed from the yard and almost threw my dill weed out.  Thankfully, the kids were in the know.

Then, the fun began.  We washed and froze all our blueberries – except three cups worth.  We used those to make a blueberry cobbler – amazing!!!!!

Today was my brother in law’s birthday, so we had a big family gathering.  By the end of the day, we’d made our family recipe – chicken rice, blueberry cobbler and pickles.  Wes and Caitlyn also baked a chocolate cake that turned out beautiful.  In eight weeks, we will find out if our pickles turned out.  I sure hope so.

While looking for my canning jars, I discovered two jars of blackberry juice that I can turn into blackberry jelly next week.  Yeah!  Fall is here!  There is something calming about the ancient arts of home making.  Working together, side by side with my family, making a home.  It is a joy.


One Response to “The Basics Arts of Family Togetherness”

  1. Rosie Flathers Says:

    Very impressive, brings out all the warm fuzzy feelings, BUT IT IS NOT FALL, not yet 🙂

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