There are a lot of ways to live your life.  I submit that there is a permeating need to live it all in an attitude of balance.

Some would use balance as a shield to keep them from risk or doing great things.  After all, if you are to do great things, then you have to go all out at some point.

Failing to do great things to maintain balance is an excuse.

Failing to maintain balance while doing great things is failure.


3 Responses to “Balance”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    The most challenging thing about balance is defining exactly what it is that is needing to be balanced. Remember those toys where you added colored weights on one side, and then needed to add equivalent weights onto the other side of the fulcrum to make the whole unit sit straight – balanced? That’s the challenge we face, daily – trying to figure out what truly NEEDS to be balanced!

    There are small, daily weights like housework, schoolwork, jobs,etc. There are the bigger things like jobs, finances and relationships.
    Then there are the HUGE things like serious illness, death, and other types of closure or changes in our lives.

    What we need to balance is the composite of all the individual demands and stresses set upon our shoulders. This can change daily, monthly or after many years. Just when we think we finally get our lives “balanced”, another weight jumps up there!

    Not to worry, though. Our God (who knows everything in advance) has already prepared to help up figure out what to do, and He helps us carry the load, so it is not only bearable, but is combined with the inner peace of his presence, along the way!

    Balance is not only essential; it is possible – through Jesus!

  2. Rosie Flathers Says:

    Failing to do great things to maintain balance is an excuse.

    Failing to maintain balance while doing great things is failure.

    Wow those balance phrases are very to the point. Jesus did great things and did not worry about upsetting the culture. He healed the untouchables, loved the outcasts, walked with the despised, gave of himself endlessly without economy. When emptied, He sought God. He went away from people and rested, talked and walked with God. God filled him with all he needed to go out and do great things again.

    • kimmartinezstayingfocused Says:

      I really appreciate what you both said about Balance. Jeanine, you challenged me to return to my primary definition – balance is knowing that God isn’t something you balance, but He is the pole at the center.

      When I wrote that post, I was also thinking about those who fail to take risks because they might have to mess up their lives. That takes faith. Really, I’ve discovered that even when I’m not taking risks, life gets pretty messy anyway. I’d just as soon walk on the wild side with Jesus and know I’m out on the water than be broadsided by waves I wasn’t knowing were coming.

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