Can You Hear God’s Voice?

“I know how to make money on Twitter!”

The post caught my eye from a new follower.  Not for a good reason.  This person followed me on Twitter in hopes that I would follow them back.

They wanted me to want to be like them.  However, two posts later, they admitted “I’ll post a picture soon”.  They are pretend marketing Twitterers.  They are trying to market themselves instead of being good at Twitter.  Who wants to follow a pretender? Pretenders are boring and waste my time.  Do you sometimes feel like a pretender in your walk with God?

Are you pretending to have the right answers?  Are you convinced that God is the right answer for the world, so you are trying to tell everyone they should love Him, but you aren’t sure what following Him really means?

Do you know what His voice sounds like?  Is your gut response to His voice, “Yes, Lord”?

Lately I’ve been noticing there is a huge difference between people who are Christians (as in they believe the creeds) and people who actually know God’s voice.  In John 10, Jesus says:

  • His sheep listen to His voice
  • His sheep follow His voice
  • He knows His sheep by name
  • His sheep have eternal life
  • No one can snatch them out of His hand, they are safe
  • He leads His sheep
  • Those that aren’t His sheep don’t believe

Shortly thereafter, they tried to stone Him for claiming to be God.

Hearing God’s voice and following it is a walk on the wild side.  It is also the safest place to be.

There was a time when I thought God loved me accidentally – just because He loved the whole world.  I even worked to show people how to follow Him, because I was convinced that He was the right answer.

But, thankfully, I knew His voice.  Over time He broke through all the layers of emotional issues to show me how much He loved me personally.  It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.  It only matters Whose you are.   God’s sheep hear His voice, and He can mend any problem.

You may feel like you ‘don’t have your picture up’ when it comes to being able to share Jesus with people.  That’s okay.  Knowing everything is the worst (because who wants to be spammed?).  The best is knowing the person of Jesus and what He means to you.  That is what will made a difference for you, and that is what will make a difference for others.

And if you don’t know God’s voice, ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  I was talking to my 9 year old last night.  She is just beginning to realize God’s activity in her life.

  • The first step in learning to hear His voice is to read His Word (the Bible).  From this you can hear what He says, hear His character, His way of operating.
  • Second, be in a worship service weekly.
  • Third, ask God to show Himself to you daily.  Try to set aside 15 minutes to just talk to Him (like go for a walk or something).

Relationships take time.  Learning takes time.  Learning to hear God’s voice and recognize it might take time.  Give yourself the time and space to develop in your relationship with Him.


One Response to “Can You Hear God’s Voice?”

  1. Rosie Flathers Says:

    The prayer of a sheep

    * His sheep listen to His voice: God today make me quiet and aware of when you are speaking. Give me strength to clear out all the noise so that I can hear you clearly.

    * His sheep follow His voice: God when I hear your voice give me the courage to obey what you say, to receive it into my heart.

    * He knows His sheep by name: God thank you that you know me. You recognize the uniqueness of me in a sea of billions cause you made me. You knew my name before creation

    * His sheep have eternal life: Thank you that you died so that I can live with you forever. Help me to moment by moment live in the reality that this is not it, I have a glorious eternal life in your presence.

    * No one can snatch them out of His hand, they are safe: Thank you for your firm grip on me, a grip that you paid dearly for with your life. Help me to appreciate and live in this truth, that you will never let me go.

    * He leads His sheep: Thank you God that you do not call me to walk with you and then go away. You presence leads me, I walk where you walk, help me to not falter in following you today.

    * Those that aren’t His sheep don’t believe: God thank you for saving me from a lonely destructive life with out you. Help me today to remember that I was lost, and to put priority on sharing with other lost sheep so they can find life in you.

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