0310283205Well, I truly am “Busted”.  I was sure this tour was on the 17th.  Luckily, I did a brief interview with my daughter last night.

You see, not every book is for me.  However, I have an 18 year old who is called to ministry,  and lives in a world where her friends don’t know Jesus.  I was pretty sure that this book would be for her.

I asked her to read a couple of the chapters and give me a review.  She took it with her for the weekend, and this is what I got in the car on the way home (mind you, she wanted to talk about THIS BOOK, not anything else):

  1. This book is so awesome, I’m going to read the WHOLE THING!!!
  2. These are all the issues people I know keep bringing up.
  3. His approach is right on – he approaches it like “if they are right, then this.. and this.. would have happened.  But it didn’t.”  (I think we call this a historical/logical approach.)
  4. “This guy just saved me like five years of research!”

Well, if my (mostly grown) child, who doesn’t read and research for the love of it, gives this book such high reviews, then you should definately grab it!  Especially if you:

  • Care about people who don’t know Jesus
  • Want to care about people who don’t know Jesus
  • Are a youth pastor
  • Know someone under 30

You can buy it from here:  on Amazon

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One Response to “Busted!”

  1. Fred von Kamecke Says:

    Well Kim, I’m so glad your daughter is enjoying the book. Thank you for passing it on to her. I look forward to hearing how it actually fared with her non-Christian friends.


    Fred von Kamecke

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