Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming

blog1Taproot Theatre has put together their best performance of the year.  You could pay to go to Branson for this level of fun, or you could just mosey on over to Taproot for an evening filled with Old Time bluegrass/gospel music.

This new play is about two hours long.  It has 23 songs in it.  These actors are amazing, switching from instrument to instrument.  blog2

  • Edd Key plays so many instruments with skill!  He is outstanding.
  • Candace Vance plays piano, accordion, and several other instruments.
  • Theresa Holmes sings and plays stringed instruments.  Every other actor plays at least one instrument.
  • David Anthony Lewis has a wonderful voice.
  • Brent Ashton does a perfect job of stuttering and acting the young buck.
  • Jenny Cross plays a very pregnant pastor’s wife and signs most of the songs.
  • Kevin Brady is a fabulous physical actor.  He surprises and delights several times during the evening. blog3

The performance touches on points of life for everyone, allowing us to cry, laugh, reflect, and rejoice.  We are moved right along with the family as they do one last performance before the adult children go their separate ways.  I needed a moment to relax, and from the very first, this performance pulled me right in.

Before we even reached intermission, my husband and I were making plans to come back and bring family.  We think this is one performance anyone who enjoys old time hymns, bluegrass or gospel music will love.blog5

You can buy tickets at Taproot Theatre’s Website.


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