Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches From Growing

blog3Are you a pastor who needs encouragement?  Do you have a pastor who needs encouragement?  Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches From Growing is a book designed to encourage pastors.

Everyone makes mistakes.  If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t taking risks, and you aren’t growing.  But there is no reason to make a mistake more than once.

Ten Stupid Things is a book that helps pinpoint the things that hamper pastors and churches and remove them so that churches can grow.

Here are the topics:

  • Trying to do it all
  • Establishing the wrong role for the pastor’s family
  • Providing a second-rate worship experience
  • Settling for low quality in children’s ministry
  • Promoting talent over integrity
  • Clinging to a bad location
  • Copying another successful church
  • Favoring discipline over reconciliation
  • Mixing ministry and business
  • Letting committees steer the ship

What I like about this book is that it isn’t just one person’s observations.  Each chapter highlights a respected pastor who has made that mistake and survived.  Not only do you get the teaching, but also an interview with someone who has survived.

Every mistake has its own place, and none of them are above the others.  Yet, we are encouraged because if you are making mistakes, it means you are growing, changing, and taking risks.  If you find yourself among these pages, be encouraged.  You are in good company.  Now you get to change.

This book is a very quick read, and you can buy it here:  On Amazon


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