Prayer for a Crisis

There are going to be times in your life when your stability is in question – whether it is a job change, health issues, your emotional upheaval or other people’s emotional upheaval – life will be unstable at times. The bible doesn’t say that when we join God’s team we won’t have problems. It says that God will walk with us through the problems.

As we look at Jehoshaphat’s prayer, we will see the components of how to approach God – how to put our faith in God, not just as an entity in the sky, but as the One who walks with us and in whom we can rely.

Jehoshaphat was in a pickle.  A great big army was coming against him.  He was trapped.  Ever felt that way?

As we look at his prayer, you will find a way to deal with your situation.

Read 2 Chron. 20:6-13

Who He is – First, Jehoshaphat described God.
• List the attributes of God
• David often listed God’s attributes to himself. He often reminded himself of Who God was – (see Ps. 121)

What He has done – Next, he described what God has done in the past.
• Part of knowing Who God is, and making it personal is to remind ourselves of what He has done for us in the past.
• See Ps. 21 – vs. 1-7 are declarative of what God has done – vs. 8 and forward talk about what God will do.
• We believe what we see, and when we remind ourselves of what God has done in the past, we are able to “see” His provision.

Affirm trust in Him – Jehoshaphat then tells God that He’s all they’ve got.  They are sticking with God no matter what.
• Make a decision. You can decide to ‘hope’ in the Lord, or you can decide to PUT your hope in the Lord.   If you can hope in a swing without ever sitting on it.  You PUT your hope in the swing when you sit in it.  When it doesn’t break, your hope has been proven well placed.
• When you are backed against a rock, you can keep squirming, or you can choose to lean on the rock.

Ask – Next, Jehoshaphat describes the problem to God and asks for Him to act.
• After you have told God (and yourself) Who He is, What He has done, and chosen to believe that He will be your deliverer, then you lay out specifically what you want Him to do. (2 Chron. 20:10 and forward)
• Another example is Jesus – Mark 14:35-36
o He asked God for what he wanted, but He still affirmed Who God is, and knowing in His heart that God wanted Him to press forward, He bowed His will to God.

Wait – the people then stood and waited – and God spoke.
2 Chron. 20:13
Ps. 27:14 – David told himself to wait on the Lord.
•Looking again at Jesus’ prayer,  I believe that in laying out His request to God and reaffirming that He was willing to do whatever God wanted even if it wasn’t His own will, Jesus gained the strength from the father to press forward.

Praise – God told them to go out singing.  By the time they got where they were going, the battle was already won.

•How do you spend your energy?  Do you spend it worrying about everything that could go wrong, or do you choose to put your hope in God and march forward in praise?

Difficult times are going to happen – they will make you or break you. The sooner you let stuff go and take your concerns to God, the sooner you can get off the treadmill and just deal with what is in front of you today. Life gets crazy sometimes – but when we accept Jesus into our hearts, eternal life starts now – abundant life, life to the full – and that includes joy in the moment, expectation for the future, and anticipation of God’s great and mighty works along the way.

Let’s anticipate God’s voice and His breakthroughs.


4 Responses to “Prayer for a Crisis”

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