From Eternity to Here

Recently, I got an opportunity to read “From Eternity to Here” and interview the author Frank Viola for his blog tour today.
This book was provoking as well as encouraging.  Firmly in the realm of ecclesiology, yet so encouraging in my personal relationship with God – I recommend it for everyone.  Here’s our interview:
Me: Thank you for this incredibly deep book, and for visiting Staying Focused today. What impact do you hope From Eternity to Here will have in individuals and in the church in general?

I hope that it will ignite a passion for God’s people to fall in love with their Lord like never before, to be set free from so many of the trappings that hold them in bondage today, to be captivated by God’s eternal purpose (which is tremendous), and to adjust their lives to it. Thankfully, based on the emails I’ve received so far about the book, God is doing this in the lives of not a few who have read it. I hope that trend continues.

As you explain the church as the bride of Christ, the house of God, the body of Christ and family of God, what is the biggest struggle for you personally in living out these models?

There have been a few times in my life where I was living in the wilderness. Meaning, I didn’t have others to be built together with into God’s house. That’s not been the case in a long while, thank God. But I’ve had to relocate to find those interested in standing for God’s eternal purpose and being built together into Christ the Head. I think the greatest difficulty for me and everyone else who takes this path is being built together with those living stones whose personalities don’t mesh well ours. But that’s God’s way of transforming us. It’s painful, but there’s glory in the process.

How does outreach fit into your paradigm? Can you give us an example of what it might look like?

It happens organically and naturally. Without obligation. Without duty. Without guilt. Without programs. How does it happen? A thousand different ways. On small example: a couple of brothers (in Christ) who are part of a church that’s standing for God’s eternal purpose are talking about Jesus on their job. They are consumed with Him. It’s real and living. Others hear it; get interested and come to a meeting. They see Christ displayed by the members functioning in freedom, reality, and life. They see the community life of an assembly that’s really being built together and where the members have fallen in love with one another. It’s arresting. Jesus becomes irresistible. That’s the way it happened in the beginning. And it turned the Roman world upside down.

“Behold how they love one another” said the pagans.

Your paradigms are very corporate, and I understand the reason, but can you help us as individuals figure out how to fit? If we (as individuals reading this blog) could do one thing today to move toward being what you have laid out, what would that be?

Simply. Begin to pray that God will lead you to a community of believers who are standing for God’s eternal and ultimate purpose. It may possibly involve relocating, because such groups aren’t on every corner. But the Lord will lead if the heart is hungry.

What is your next project?

A few articles that rethink discipleship. The next book that comes out is on planting Christian communities that are standing for God’s eternal purpose in Christ and displaying it to the world. Should be out before the year is out, hopefully.


Today (June 9th), the following blogs are discussing Frank Viola’s new bestselling book “From Eternity to Here” (David C. Cook, 2009). The book just hit the May CBA Bestseller List. Some are posting Q & A with Frank; others are posting full reviews of the book. To read more reviews and order a copy at a 33% discount, go to

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3 Responses to “From Eternity to Here”

  1. zoecarnate Says:

    I like the example of sharing Jesus at work. I think that if Christ is a living person, conversation about him should sound more natural than if we were talking about Zeus or something!

  2. Jill Says:

    The Church desperately needs to hear this message. We need to reorient ourselves to line up with HIS eternal purpose and desires, and in the process I believe our deepest longings-and mission-will be fulfilled as well.

    Thank you for your interview!

  3. Finding Organic Church by Frank Viola « Says:

    […] Interested in other titles? Here’s another Frank Viola title I reviewed some time ago: From Here to Eternity […]

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