Four Places to Snag Conversations

Looking for places to grab information and conversations?

Here are some sights I hope you will enjoy:

Docstoc – educational documents online – for starters, check out their “most viewed” or “most downloaded” list. Fascinating!

Snagfilms – free documentaries – this is a great way to learn about cultures around the world from their own perspective.  Since we seem to be in a really slow TV season, this site is going to get more of my traffic I think.

Blogtalkradio – whether you want to listen to what others are saying, or create your own show, this is a cool site.  I’m taking you to some of my favorites right off the bat – IMN does some great interviews.

ScribbleLive – were you someone who always got other people’s notes from class?  This site is for you!  You can grab notes that people are taking – LIVE from whatever event they are at.  I LOVE this site!  I’ve been able to “attend” several conferences recently through this site.

I’d love to hear from you.  Where do you go to get your information on the web?


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