What YouTube Success Has To Do With Outreach

I saw on Twitter this morning “How you can succeed on YouTube.”

In a world where literally anyone can become an overnight sensation from the confines of their apartment, what does this mean to our models of outreach?

1.  People want to matter, and deep down, they know they should.

This is great news, because each person is vitally important to God.

2.  Mass marketing is out, viral marketing is in.

Nobody wants to be sold, but everybody wants to be “a part of”.  You need to become part of your community.  Become part of what matters to them, know them, at their heart, and reach them from there.

Also, there are modes of communication within a community that only insiders know.  In my last community, after working with the neighborhood association for 18 months, I discovered that many of the neighbors had developed listservs based on their interests.  These listservs were the real tools they used to spread important information throughout the neighborhood.

3.  People are information junkies, but highly intelligent and disseminating.

If you offer topical classes to speak to current concerns, make sure they are good.  People understand your bias, they walked into a church – don’t save your ‘talk’ for the last or they will skip that one.  Don’t insult their intelligence either.

4.  People want to know you care.

Your $5 Starbucks card as a thank-you-for-coming gift won’t mean nearly as much as a 5-10 minute phone call.  Call people.  Thank them for coming.  Ask how you can be praying for them.  Find out what is going on in their lives.  Walk with them and be with them.

5.  Since everybody is a video producer, make sure yours are top notch.

Use pictures, use graphics, and do it well.  There are so many great programs available online, and so people in their teens and twenties who are experts, there is really no excuse for mediocrity.  Check out this awesome video shown at Drive ’09: Inside Northpoint Media.

6.  Your neighborhood is full of lonely people who want to change the world.

Okay, this is my assumption because I live in Seattle right now.  I know my neighborhood is full of lonely people who want to change the world.  Now, I know two things that are only done well when God is involved:  World Change and Community.  Why not help people do what they want to do the best way possible?

Then, maybe you’ll make a YouTube video, and it will go viral.


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