Drive ’09

Drive ’09 Highlights in a Nutshell:

Okay, so you don’t get the dancing, or the musical chairs, but here are the highlights if you missed them or could be there.

First, a word from the host:  North Point Community Church

and their leader link:  Inside North Point

Inside Northpoint Media – including the Drive-BYE video which is OUTSTANDING!!!

Tweets and Blogs


Twitter #drive09

Twitter #kidmin

Twitter #stumin

  • RT @summersm: For students the front door to church is small. But ask them 2 be involved in something where they’re needed & the door gets bigger
  • @MattJohnson this guy takes GREAT notes!!

Together We Think – Developing a Small Group Strategy, includes “developing a small group strategy” pdf – Excellent post!!!

Jeff Henderson – Creating a Healthy Staff Culture

  • RT @paulwirth: creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein
  • RT @bobbyjones: Don’t just delegate. Become a coaching leader.
  • Jeff’s blog & church website:  Buckhead Church

Andy Stanley’s – Listening, Learning & Leading

Tony Morgan’s Scribble Live

  • “If you want great leaders, you need to create systems for listening to great leaders.”
  • “You want the best thinkers and the most strategic people at the table with you.”
  • “What we don’t want to hear is generally what we need to hear.”
  • RT @chrismoran: “Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing important to say.”

Holly Delich:

Great quotes!

  • RT MattJohnson21: “if you aim high, you’ll hit low.” holly delich
  • RT MattJohnson21: “you’re not risking enough if you don’t fail every now and then.” holly delich
  • RT @micahfoster “1 (One) wrong person in the room can kill the creative team’s mojo and render the process useless” (paraphrased) – Holly Delich

Here’s where else to find her:

Willow Creek Resources

Fight Club Sermon on Father Daughter Relationships

Other Stuff

What Northpoint did to get ready for Drive ’09


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