5 Steps to Finding Your Personal Platform

dsc_0642One weekend at a writer’s conference = 242 references to branding and/or platform building.

(No, I didn’t actually count, but I’m pretty sure that’s close.)

The one thing I took away was a solidification of my own contribution to humanity.  My “platform”.

Here are five questions to ask yourself to help find your platform:

1.  What would I do for free, just because I love to do it?  This doesn’t include anything that you consume – this is something that you give away.

2.  What is an area of life that I study just for fun?  Do you take books or magazines on vacation? What are they on?  What books and periodicals are stacked in your bathroom, your car, your office? What is the primary focus of your bloglines feeds?

3.  If I could take one thing on a 9 hour plane ride, what would it be?

4.  What is my personality and what are my natural giftings?  Need help figuring this out?  Check out the “Know Yourself” section of my Squidoo page.

5.  When I’m with people, what’s the primary topic of conversation?   What conversations get you so jazzed that you consider postponing your next appointment just to finish?

Notice I didn’t ask once what your training was in?  The truth of the matter is that what you add to the world comes more from what you love than what you know.  No matter what you are trained in, you will naturally use it to enlighten what you love.

There is something that only you can add to the Conversation.  God made you unique.  Part of that creation is a burning passion mixed with your approach to information and your approach to the world.  Your platform, or what you have to say, comes from the bottom line message that God has given you.

Now, someone who is really on top of it is going to point out that we all (Christians) have the same platform: to speak the love of Jesus to those around us – and you are absolutely right.  However, we all do it from a unique perspective, and this is where personal platform comes in.  Paul used the analogy of the Body.  Are you a blood platelet or an arm… you get the picture.  Although we have the same meta-perspective, we each have a unique view within that which God uses to show His love and build His Body.

What has God given you a burning passion to say?


One Response to “5 Steps to Finding Your Personal Platform”

  1. Adrian Says:

    i love the whole idea of a personal platform.I would love to have one.

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