Q Conference

This week, the Q talks are taking place in Austin.

Great minds giving presentations “on the topics of the future, the church, the culture and the gospel.” Each with an 18 minute time limit.

Yesterday, they requested that nobody tweet or live blog during the event.  Major bummer for the rest of us.  However, there are still ways for us to get the information.

Information from the Creators

Conference Site here you will find information on each presenter, last year’s presentations, and the only authorized blog of the events.

Tweets and Blogs as They Appear:



Leading Smart – Tim Stevens does a great job of recapping conferences.  Love his notes!

Swern.com – Stephen Redden is a church planter in Denver, CO.  He does an excellent job of blogging his notes.

The View From Her – Conference Quoteables

Inside the Presenter’s Minds:

Here are websites, recent appearances and articles from the presenters.  (Note, these are only those on the website, lots of others presented, and we’ll have to wait for the bloggers to give us better info on that.)

Micah WhiteAdbusters.org

David Crowder

  • David Crowder Band website and
  • David’s Blog – seriously, check out this blog, is really funny.  I have some reservations as to authenticity – will someone please confirm?  It is the one that is a direct link from the DCB sites – but since David Crowder used an overhead projector at Q…

Alan Hirsch

Andy Crouch – “The only real advantage of having wealth is that you can know for sure that money won’t make you happy” (RT @gary4n)

Joel Kotkin –

Mike Foster –

  • Ethur.org – the blog is great, the rest of the site seems to be in process.
  • XXXchurch.com – the site that Mike started.

Heather Larson –

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson –

Chris Seay

Dr. Stephen Graves –

  • Coaching by Cornerstone – their resources page is FULL of great articles.  I would send you to just one or two, but really, you should see the list and pick for yourself.   I saved “9 common mistakes in managing high performers” to read this evening.
  • I’d really like to know more about his talk, so if you took notes, please let me in on them.

Shannon Sedgwick Davis –

Shane Hipps – “I don’t use Twitter because it takes you out of the present moment to commentary on the moment” (RT @willmancini)

Interviews on Out of Ur:

John Burke –

  • Here is the resources page from Gateway Church, John’s church. Innovative ideas throughout the site.
  • Here is his Zondervan page – you can buy his book in eform there.

Tim Keel – “We live in a culture that is struggling to make meaning.” (RT @ChrisMarlow)

Micah M. White – “Advertising is fundamentally a manipulation, even when it’s for something good.” (RT @jan_lynn)

Rick McKinley –

Gregory Berns – “Three brain circuits that sabotage innovation: perception, fear and social intelligence.” (RT @kylezimmerman)

Dave Goetz –

Ambassador Max Kampelman –

Catherine Crouch – The only thing that I could find is that  Catherine is WAY smarter than me, and incredibly amazing.

George P. Bush – “about 1/3 of all Catholics in US are Latino. 2/3 of them go to a Spanish speaking service.” (RT @whatschwandt)

  • The only thing I could find on George is that he is politically connected through his family, but I couldn’t find a blog or writings.

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  1. Thots on Q | the view from her Says:

    […] Additionally, Kim Martinez has put together a pretty comprehensive list of links about the speakers. […]

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