Exponential Conference ’09

Looking for all the information from Exponential ’09?

With all those great minds in one place, we need to be able to resource them again and again.   Thankfully, Exponential Conference, along with those who were there, have processed the information so that we can have it readily available.

Here is where you can find the blogs, tweets and recaps:

Exponential Website

Exponential Conference Homepage.  Seriously, if you explore their site, you will be knowledge rich.  They have sooo many resources!

Exponential is amazing.  They are giving away so much for free, right here.  They have put online, all of last year’s conference as well as interviews with many of this year’s presenters.  Remember all those volunteers that you wished you could take? Here is your opportunity.

Other Bloggers

Church Unique – Will Mancini (8am Session) – Scribblelive by Pioneerpreacher

Root48 – Brian covers the sessions in recap – you have to go to this site just to see the intro to Francis Chan.  Hilarious!!!

Imagine by Ron Klabunde  interview with Rick Warren.  From what I read through Catalyst, I think Rick presents his whole talk here as well. (Okay, not the whole talk – and definately not formal.)

Upstream Collective focuses on Ed Stetzer and Alan Hirsch in videos on Third Places, Multi-site Church and Church Planting Models.

Twitter, etc.

Here are the twitter channels.  Start at the beginning and read forward.  It is amazing how much you can get by reading people’s tweets, as they are all listening to the same thing.



Blogs listed on Exponential Page:

Dave Ferguson

Vince Antonucci

Mark Batterson

Scott Hodge

Ed Stetzer

So here is my question.  What was the most amazing thing you learned from this conference?


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