Leadership Boost – Catalyst West

I’ve been enjoying Catalyst West these last 2 days…virtually.  Although I missed the awesome networking, etc. I gained a lot.

If you, like me, could use a new leadership zap-in-the-arm, I have compiled the best places to find recaps and minute-by-minute notes.

Social Sites:  (I like Scribblelive best for this)

Blogs with Recaps/scribblelive input

Tony Morgan

Leading and Loving (she has a bunch of the people I didn’t list above)

Small Town Pastor (covering the Hirsch Lab)

Evotional.com (covering Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver at Tom’s Shoes‘ Lab)

Kevin Beers Blog

Crimmel.com (After the first session, he uses Scribblelive, which you have to figure out how to read, but he takes the best notes!  It’s like getting a transcript!)

Eric Bryant not only has his notes, he also has an interview with Brad Lomenick posted on his teleseminar page.

Cynthia Ware put up information on ParaTweet, pics, links, etc. – this looks totally cool!!!

Trevor Lee has a great list of one-line recaps.

Ben Arment – Pictures of Catalyst from beginning to end.

This speaker list below isn’t exhaustive, but check out this lineup:

Andy Stanley – Uncertainty in Leadership

Guy Kawasaki – Branding, marketing, “if you try to create something that appeals to everyone, you will end up with mediocrity”

Rick Warren – Call to Mission. (I liked the quote “Energy management is more important than time management.”)

Alan and Debra HirschRedefining family for the church today. This was a lab, and not covered except in this blog, so I linked it for you here.

Panel Discussing Sex Trafficking – there are 27 million people enslaved. check out love 146.0rg or Just One.

Erwin McManus – Living a heroic life, calling and helping others to live theirs.

Craig Groeschel – “What we believe determines what we do.” “There are 4 billion people who need Christ, how can we claim to be a megachurch?”

Francis Chan – Pray for boldness. “In conversation, do people talk about you more than the Holy Spirit?”  “I was taught how to teach exegetically, but I wasn’t taught to live that way.”  “Maybe we have scared churches because we have scared pastors.”

Perry Noble – You Can Do This!  “The size of the vision that God will give me is in direct proportion to the amount of pain I am willing to endure.”

Also, here’s a video short connected to Luis Palau’s presentation.

Looking forward to the Fall?  Here’s the new Catalyst Site.

Have fun!


5 Responses to “Leadership Boost – Catalyst West”

  1. djchuang Says:

    Kim, thanks for putting together this list of links! Really helpful to review the notes since there was so much to take in!

  2. Rhoda Berrios Says:

    LOVE the Perry Noble quote – burglarizing for my quote collection.

  3. Catalyst West Recaps | Eric Bryant // Innovator, Speaker, Author, and Navigator at Mosaic in LA Says:

    […] to Kim Martinez, you can find great notes on the messages shared by Andy Stanley, Erwin McManus, Guy Kawasaki, the […]

  4. Johnny Laird Says:

    Really apprecaite this, Kim.

    Would love to have been there.

    Peace & blessings


  5. 5THRU8» Blog Archive » Last Post about Catalyst West Says:

    […] elder that oversees leadership at Mosaic in Los Angeles, posted a link to a great recap of Catalyst West 2009 (click here for it). That post was put up by Kim Martinez, a pastor…not sure where. | Posted in […]

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