Correcting Theology – Free Book

image001Need a brush up on your theology?

Larry Osborne makes it quick and easy to understand.

Bad theology is easy to form.

I’ve investigated the history and lives of some people who really love Jesus, but have tweeked theology.  Believe me, bad theology is easy for people to form.

The root is often focus.  Is your focus on God, who really is in control of the universe, or have you formed a theology that will allow you some form of control in some way?

In this book, Larry addresses these 10 common misconceptions:

  1. Faith can fix anything. “This kind of hopeful thinking is more about faith in faith than faith in God.  Yet it’s what many of us have been taught to believe God wnats from us when we’re confronted with insurmountable odds.”
  2. Forgiving means forgetting.
  3. A Godly home guarantees Godly kids.
  4. God has a blueprint for my life.
  5. Christians shouldn’t judge.
  6. Everything Happens for a Reason.
  7. Let your conscience be your guide.
  8. God brings good luck
  9. A valley means a wrong turn.
  10. Dead people go to a better place.

Larry Osborne is the pastor of North Coast Church, and so his experience doesn’t just come from his study, it comes from working with people like you and me.  His language is plain, and he really gets life.  BTW, while you’re at the church website, go the the pastor’s resources and check out his Contrarian’s Guide book.  I think that looks pretty amazing too.

If you’d like to buy this book, you can grab it at:

Also, I have one free book to give away to the first person to email me.  Ready, set, go.


One Response to “Correcting Theology – Free Book”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    If it’s still available, I’d like it! 🙂

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