Brain Training

Did you know that you can change a bad day into a great day?

Your emotions are not just feelings.  They are the result of life, taken in through your senses, over the flowing rapids your body chemicals, and on up to the translators in your brain.

Your brain then sorts out the different information and triggers the right hormone responses to fear, love, joy, anger, etc.  Then it sends information back to your body parts, directing the appropriate actions – all in a matter of nano-seconds.

Okay – that is my interpretation, but essentially, that is what happens.

We take in information, decide what to do with it, and act on it.

We act with both our logical and emotional sides because we are people – not animals who act on instinct only, and not machines, who act on programming only.  We have this wonderful mix of soul (mind, will and emotions) and spirit (which can dig deeper and get help from God’s Spirit).

God transcends time and space.  Our bodies get sick, have bad days, get messed up by the weather changing, etc., God doesn’t change.  We can choose to not let our emotions have control.

Have you ever seen one of those pictures that are two pictures in one?  Like the one that is both an old woman and/or a young woman?  Changing our focus is like looking at that picture.

We can keep our eyes on the yuck of life, or we can look for God’s Spirit to give us His perspective.  We change where we get our information, so we change our response.

God’s joy doesn’t depend on circumstances.  Remember Paul and Silas singing in jail?  That was a bad situation – they got their joy, not from their emotions, but from God’s spirit.

This works no matter your situation.  How do you focus your vision on God’s Spirit?  Through the spiritual disciplines like prayer, bible reading/meditation and silence.  God used bible meditation to help me through a worrisome situation just this week.

Have you trained your brain today?


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