Marketing and Connections

Why do people connect with you?

I learned a very basic concept from playing the computer game SIMS several years ago.  It was a concept that I had somehow missed.  You make friends by spending time with people.  If you don’t spend time with people, you don’t make friends.

The book I read awhile back, “Divine Commodity” had challenged me to stop ‘marketing’, and instead to help people learn how to connect with others better.

In our fast-paced society, we have boiled some things down to their least common denominator, and sometimes, that comes out as marketing.  God tells us that we are to love one another.   When we are in relationship with Him, and when we are being the people He created us to be, we will be irresistible – (not the individual, tall, flowing blonde kind of irresistible), but because we will be presenting Christ.

So.  Why do people connect with you?

In short, people connect with you because you care about them.  Here are some ways that people connect with you:

1.  According to Chapman, there are five love languages:  Gifts, Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation and Touch.  In some way, you are helping them feel loved.

2.  They will identify with you: either your personality, your story, or your vision.  Something about you gives them hope and helps them see Jesus – in some way, you are a mirror for them that helps them see themselves the way that Jesus sees them.

3.  People see God through you.  If you are honest, we are all just worms.  We growl when we get up in the morning, or when we get to tired at night, or when we are hungry, or… – but for some reason, God uses relationships – trust, compassion, love, care, healing touch, prayer, often words of knowledge and wisdom – He uses people to touch people and share His love.  We get the ability to love others from Him.  We love because He first loved us.

I think God’s marketing plan is irresistable grace.  Our job in His kingdom is to care for people regardless of their standing with Him, and let Him do the marketing.


2 Responses to “Marketing and Connections”

  1. Ann Says:

    Wow! I had never considered why people connected with me. I do care about people. With school, I do not spend the time I should with them. I have the love language of giving gifts. I love to give gifts, just to give gifts because that is the way I show people I care. But, not everyone realizes I give gifts, as a way of showing my love and the fact I care. I know I need to spend more TIME with people to connect and to show that I care because God cares!

  2. karla Says:

    Yes, so very true, and we just need to make the time. I know how treasured I feel when someone takes that time for me, so I need to do the same. I haven’t thought about it in terms of love languages, tho. I don’t try to figure out others languages, but I need some time for meaningful thought put into my relationships, instead of fitting them in.

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