Gardening Eden

blog2You should always read things that are outside your comfort zone – it is good for you.

That’s what they tell me, and it is true.  The reason is because your brain forms certain pathways along which it funnels information.  When you feed it the same sorts of information all the time, those pathways become well formed.

When you change topics, it challenges your brain to form a new pathway.  I usually read leadership, outreach and spiritual formation books, with a smattering of writing and mystery/suspense thrown in.

My husband talks about science a lot, but I don’t read science. Gardening Eden was a new brain pathway for me.

Michael Abbate has created a book that looks at the much-needed topic of creation stewardship from just about every angle imaginable.   He looks at the scientific side, the biblical side, those who believe Al Gore and those who don’t.

Growing up in Oregon (where I’m pretty sure every environmentalist has at least visited) I was already sold on the concept of environmental stewardship.  Therefore, the first half of the book, changing brain pathways and all, was a stretch for my poor brain.  I kept telling my husband “you would really like this book!”  But then, when I was about to pass out from details, I got to the really good part: The Second half!  Practical tips on how to make a difference!

Here’s tip #7:  Cook

“What ever happened to cooking?  I mean cooking, not zapping. The skill of taking raw ingredients and combinging them in ways that result in delicious and healthy meals.”

You know, he is sooo right!  I was at the local market the other day, and met a young girl from (an Asian country, I don’t know which one) who was buying all these natural raw ingredients.  I spent the whole time they were ringing up her purchases asking her what she used several of the items for.  She was so nice and smart!  She took time to explain to me how she used items I had never imagined.

Also, I’ve so enjoyed getting back to cooking this year.  My family grocery bill has gone down, my family is eating together, and my kids are amazed that I can cook!  The best part is that we are eating so much healthier!

Here’s Tip #8:  Eat Less.

“We Americans love to eat.  You don’t hear much anymore about gluttony, but perhaps we have become a nation of gluttons.  You and I are consuming 20 percent more calories each day than we did in 1982.  We’re eating fifty-seven more pounds of meat per year than our parents and grandparents did in the 1950s…Contrasting with our glottony and obesity, 850 million people on the planet are suffering from malnutrition.  An estimated 5 million children under the age of five will die from lack of adequate food this year.

Tip #9:  Buy Organic

Gardening Principle: Eat Your Own

“Can you remember the best tomato you ever ate?  Was it an organic $3.00 tomato from Whole Foods?  I’ll bet not.  I’m guessing it was one that came out of your grandmother’s garden, or perhaps even your own.  Want to be a gardener of Eden?  Then garden.”

Anyway, as you can see, it is good to read things you do ordinarily read.  You stretch your brain pathways and you find some real gems.

This book is available here:  at


One Response to “Gardening Eden”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Sounds delicious! Now, if only I had other than clay soil! 🙂

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