Deeper Relevance

This morning I saw a tweet that tweeked my brain:

@DavidHFoster To be relevant you must change. To stay relevant you must change often.

I follow David Foster because he has interesting things to say (I try to really only follow friends and creative thinkers), I was challenged by this sentence, and I hope you are too.

Here is the conversation in my head:

  • God never ceases to be relevant, and God doesn’t change.
  • The cries of people’s hearts don’t change either.
  • The answer is the same:  God.

I think the change part might have to do with the communication cycle.  Not what we are communicating, but how we are communicating it.  The spoken communication cycle looks like this:

  • Picture in my head.
  • Goes through my translation of brain matter, out my mouth.
  • Goes through the air
  • Goes into your ear
  • Goes through your brain matter and interpreters.
  • Creates a picture in your brain.

The communication cycle is not complete until the picture in my head is the same as the picture in your head.  Guess who’s responsibility it is to make sure the picture in your head is the same as the picture in my head?

You’re right.  Mine.

That is why I have to change my communication patterns to help you understand what I am saying.  Not because my message is different, but because I need to deliver it to you in a way that will be understandable to you.  Otherwise, I’m just more white noise.

The one thing I think we are forgetting in this equation, however, is the Holy Spirit.  He speaks to the heart – He draws people.  God chooses to partner with us.

He draws people from the inside, we walk with them on the outside.  Maybe the best way to avoid being white noise is to talk to people for whom God has prepared their hearts?

What do you think?  What does relevance mean to you?


2 Responses to “Deeper Relevance”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    I totally agree with what you said, Kim! (And I can’t believe how often our minds run along the same course!) 🙂 I would only add that being relevant means being relavant – to a particular person (or group). If I am speaking to a child, teen, young adult, new parent, parent of teens, boomer, or Sr. adult, my vocabulary, examples, clothes and music will be totally different. I often think of it like being a missionary to different countries and cultures – I need to wrap my head (& heart) around what it’s like to “walk in their shoes” !

  2. Barbara Says:

    I think for MY brain to get around this…I’ll have to read it again later!
    tee hee. It’s DEEP.

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