Watch For It!!!

0310283752Tomorrow (Thursday) is the day!

I have had the best month reading The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani, and tomorrow is the day of his blog tour!

Who is Skye Jethani, you ask?

I asked the same thing.  I had never heard of him. However, he is the managing editor of one of the best leadership magazines, Leadership Journal.

Skye has written a book that will rock your world – and if you are a history buff, you will be so intrigued as he takes you inside the world of Vincent van Gogh.  The correlation between the great paradigm shift of van Gogh’s time and that of today is fascinating.

Oops.  I’m getting carried away.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more.

So tomorrow, please visit this blog and the other links below to read Skye’s answer to some great questions. Post your comments and questions as well to the respective blogs, as Skye will also be interacting with commenter’s on each blog. For more about The Divine Commodity, visit Skye’s blog (

Here is the list of sites to see:


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