Trusting Bags of Mostly Water

On one of the scifi shows we used to watch, they called humans “bags of mostly water.”

It occurred to me that God really trusts us.  He trusts us so much that He sent Jesus in the form of a helpless baby.  He sent some helps along the way – in forms of angels, when Joseph needed some prompting on what to do, and Mary needed some reassurance – but those two could have really messed it up.

The family of Mary could have messed it up. Mary should have been stoned according to the law, but God trusted and spoke and prompted and Jesus grew.

Do you know that God made you for a purpose – He trusted you with that purpose.  There are many things that could go wrong, but just like He moved wisemen to provide provision and angels to provide guidance for Joseph and Mary, He will guide and provide for you.  You will become what He created you to be.

Keep your eyes on Him and let Him do the work.


One Response to “Trusting Bags of Mostly Water”

  1. wickle Says:

    You know what’s sad?

    I know what show that was. And the episode.

    Frankly, I prefer the original version (it was a remake of an episode from the previous series).

    Yes, I’m a geek.

    Moving on … good points. Thanks for sharing.

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