Experiencing the Spirit

image0012 Nearly 10 years ago, Experiencing God changed the way I see God and see life.  Experiencing the Spirit is kind of like Experiencing God with legs.

It used to be that if you were going to read a Blackaby book, you’d have to put life on hold.  However, since Mel started writing with his dad, that has changed.  This book is a fairly easy read, about 5-6 hours – it is practical, and full of information with the traditional Blackaby richness.

Word of warning to my pentecostal friends, the Blackabys are from a baptist background and don’t quite understand Pentecost the same way that we do, but they really get the Holy Spirit, His actions and movement in the world.  Your life will be enriched by reading this book.

Here are a few of the quotes I underlined (as with most of Blackaby’s books, you might want to buy a couple of highlighters before you start because you will need them):

“It will be impossible to serve God unless you first love Him.”

“Once we learn to walk with Him, we’re able to hear His voice and obey.  And as we make the adjustment to His will, He then equips our lives to complete the assigment He has for us.  You can count on it:  God desires to bring you into the middle of His activity.  It’s then that our lives move from the ordinary to the extraordinary” pg. 129.

“So if you’re having a hard time hearing from God about His assignment, perhaps He knows your heart isn’t ready to respond.  That’s what God is waiting for – a heart that’s surrendered and ready to obey before you ever hear Him speak” pg. 135.

I highly recommend this book.  God is moving.  We need to find out what He is doing and become a part of it.  This book will tell you how.

You can learn more about the book and purchase it here:  Experiencing the Spirit

I also have a free copy to give away to the first person to contact me.  My email is in the “About Me” section of my blog, or you can message me on Facebook.  I’ve noticed that some people are shy about asking for books.  “That book looks interesting” does not mean “can I have that book.”  <grin> So, if you want it, please ask – your life will be richer for having read it.


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