Awesome Things for Leaders

This morning I have some fantastic sites for you.  I usually put these out there on Friday, but I want to share:

Here is a cool leadership site:  The International Mentoring Network

Check on this blog:  The Digital Sanctuary.  It is written by Cynthia Ware, someone I connected to through Twitter.  She is incredibly impressive and has a ton of helpful information for church leaders.

Confused about twitter?  Here is a blog that really explains it well:  Blog of Mr. Tweet

A totally awesome (although 20 minute) video article from TED:  Military Robots and the Future of War

Trying to wrap your brain around Social Media?  Try this free online (only 32 page) ebook:  Customer Service: The Art of Listening and Engaging through Social Media

Or, better yet, read Michael Hyatt’s blog post.

Do you feel, sometimes, like you are just doing church?  I’ve found a very interesting Seattle pastor who definitely taking a different path.  I think he will inspire you.  Check out his blog here:  Eugene Cho’s Blog.

I hope you have a terrific week.  I have some great books that I am reading, some I will be reviewing later in the week.



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