The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

blogSo, I’m going to be 50…someday – to emulate Meg Ryan.

And Steven Scott tells me that on that day, I will have lived 2600 of my (on average) 3,952 weeks.  Does that bother you?  It bothers me… and I am actually closer to 40 than 50 (wrinkles not withstanding).

Wes and I were talking the other night about talents.  What talents has God given you?  Have you developed them?  When you show up to heaven, is God going to say ‘good job, here are some more’, or are you going to have a whole long list of reasons why you didn’t develop the talents that you have?  Is your eternity going to be off to a great start with the joy of learning, growing, developing because you were diligent with what He gave you to start out with?

What about the rest of this life?  Do you want to know that the world is different because you were here?

Steven Scott is an ordinary guy who has succeeded in extraordinary ways because he has used the principles that he learned by following Jesus.  With a fair amount of learning from Solomon and Thomas Edison thrown in.

He started his career with eight failures and became a multi-millionaire.  In this book, he shows you how to succeed at being the best YOU you can be by being like Jesus.  This book is “How to win friends and influence people” plus every book that John Maxwell ever wrote, all in one.  You can save yourself a ton of time and money if you buy, read, highlight, study and apply the principles of this book.

Rarely do I find a book that I am convinced every one of my kids needs to read.  Right now I’m plotting how to get this book in formats that they will all assimilate.  (This one’s audio (audio book), this one’s visual, what if I read it aloud at bedtime…) I believe we are all called to greatness.  You are called to greatness.  God put you on earth for a purpose.  You can fulfill it.  This book is a great tool.

You can buy it here:  at the Random House Web Site.

I also have two copies to give away.  Since this blog is also viewed on Facebook, better hurry if you want to be the first to ask for it, because Katie already got one of the copies.  Congrats to Katie.  You can email me by going to my “About Me” page on the top right corner of the blog and clicking on my email.  Good luck, and happy reading!


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