Marketing for Pastors

I’ve been reading “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” by Steven K. Scott.  Scott is a world-class marketer.  He knows marketing.  With that background, he has approached the life of Jesus and showed us how to live effective lives that will reach people and make a real difference.

Jesus led in such a way that people listened.  People followed.  People were changed.  He got inside their heads, and communicated in a way that they could understand.

That’s what this book is about.

Today I read that someone hijacked Robert Schuller’s name and made a whole twitter account on it.
The interesting thing I found reading the article was the mention of Schuller using marketing concepts to grow his church.  What is marketing?  Marketing is the study of developing a message in such a way that the communication loop is completed.

The communication loop is complete when the picture inside my head is the exact same picture inside your head.  When I say potato, do you have the same potato inside your head?  Not unless it is cut up, cooked, with creamy sauce and wonderfully melted cheese on top, steam rising and just a touch of parsley on top.  Not unless your mouth is watering like mine is.

When we say love, does anyone know what we mean?  I guarantee someone who doesn’t know Jesus doesn’t know what we mean.  I know that most of the people inside the church don’t even know what we mean.  The hard part is that when we start to be understood by one group, we often misunderstood by another.

We need to find ways to improve our means of communication by better understanding the people we are trying to reach.  This is marketing.  This is also outreach.  This is pastoring and shepherding.  We also need to have better control of how we present our message.  This is leadership.  This is why I like this book.

Anyway, you can get this book here:  at Random


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