dandilion2In a choir, when everything is perfect, there is an overtone – a note that you can hear that no one is actually singing.

Sometimes, when you listen, you can hear an overtone among the chorus of God’s messengers.

Today, that word is “Simplicity”.

Within the next few weeks, there are three books coming out on this theme.

The interesting part is that all three are about completely different parts of the Kingdom.

  • Kem works for Granger Community Church, and is passionate about making church communication simple (anyway that’s what I’ve been getting from her blog over the last two years).
  • Jeffress’ book is directed at the individual.  “When did the Christian life become so complicated?”
  • Browning’s book is about making the church simple.

I am attempting to get on the blog tour for all three books.   We will be looking at Jeffress’ book the week of March 30.

In a world where excess has led us down a path of mayhem, simplicity is the obvious but difficult response. One of the spiritual disciplines is simplicity.

Where does the thought of simplicity lead you today?


2 Responses to “Simplicity”

  1. Rosie Flathers Says:

    Today, I listened and let God guide me down the simple path of walking with someone who was having a bench mark bad day in her life. We went from one moment to the next in concert with God and God held her up. It was not about theology, preaching, a program, or religion, it was a simple walk down a path with God and two of His children. I did not let the demands of the day over rule what God was asking me to do. Jesus told us if we love Him, to take care of fellow believers in Him. It was a simple thing but not an easy thing. I trusted God to take care of all the things I was supposed to be doing and to give me the strength and wisdom to walk on such a fragile road. Simplicity to me today was obedience and trust, like the old song I learned in Sunday School, ” trust and obey there is no other way….”

  2. Jeanine Says:

    Thanks Kim & Rosie, for the thought-stretching ideas!

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