Don’t Let Me Go

image001Don’t Let Me Go is a book about hills and valleys, relationships and life.  If you are looking for a good, easy read, this is a great book.

David Pierce, the husband of Chonda Pierce (the comedienne), wrote this coming of age-style book about his relationship with his daughter, and in parts, about his relationship with his self.

Here’s one of the many great passages:

“The mountaintops we call great.  They’re high.  And we can see forever – but it’s always tiny stuff, far away.  Our hearts pound and we feel happy.  With the exception of the Snickers bars and the sausages, there’s not a lot of detail on the mountaintop. But in the valleys, we remember details: the flood-warning signs, rain, mud, cold, clogged sinuses, lumpy bedding, cold noodles, twisted ankles, switchbacks that don’t seem to end,… But up here – it’s truly “great” and the details from below are suddenly tiny, small and even insignificant.”

You can buy this book here on

Also, I have one book to give away, so if you are the first to email me, it’s yours.


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