Talking to God

This morning, while reading a book to some 2 year olds,  I asked them what they should do if they are afraid.  Another worker helpfully suggested that they should pray.  I said they should say “help me Jesus.”  Is there a difference?  Not really – yet there is.

The blind men on the side of the road didn’t ‘pray’ to Jesus.  They shouted “Help us!”

Once, when I was a teen, I was at a friend’s house.  This was the house where we had Sunday night church, and this was Sunday afternoon.  Peg  was a godly, amazing woman.  She spent all of afternoon making loaves of bread for the group that was coming to her home.  By the end of the afternoon, her oven was stuffed with loaves, and she needed to make a meatloaf for her family.  I watched her put that meatloaf on the BOTTOM of the oven and tell God “Lord, this meatloaf needs to be done in 30 minutes.”

Now, in my house, meatloaf took a minimum of 45 minutes, and you never put ANYTHING on the bottom of the oven.   Up to that afternoon, I “prayed” to God.  I had never talked to Him like He was in the room.  But I watched Peg talk to Him like He was in the room.  I have to tell you that there was never a more watched meatloaf on this earth.  It was done in exactly 30 minutes.

My relationship with God changed that day.  I started crying out “Jesus help me” and multiplied my prayer life.

To a lot of people, God seems far away.  He may seem far away to you.  The blind men didn’t cry out once.  Jesus was actually, physically far away.  They kept crying out “Lord, Son of David, Have Mercy On Us!!!”  Again and again they cried out.  They cried out until they got an answer.

Keep crying out.  From the gut.  You will, in time, hear His answer:  “What do you want me to do for you?”


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