turtle-and-reflection-3I taught the other night at NU on balance of home and ministry.  Here’s the bottom line:

Our natural tendency when thinking about balance is to think that we need to find time to ‘balance’ our spiritual life along with everything else.  The truth of the matter is that as long as we are doing the balancing, our life is out of balance.  We need our relationship with God to be so tight that He is doing the balancing for us.

Since then, I’ve had a followup thought:

For many years I’ve seen women who have perfect lives – well, maybe not perfect lives, but their homes are orderly and beautiful, their kids are polite and well dressed…you get the picture.  No matter how great my life was, to me, their lives were better.  Especially when my kids were the ones jumping off the stage in the middle of the performances –  and my kitchen…well let’s not go there (okay, it’s not that bad, it reaches clean once a day or so.)

My point is, their lives aren’t mine.  My life is bold and messy – and every time I focus on their lives instead of mine, I get out of balance. Why?  Because I try to balance my life to look like theirs.  My life isn’t supposed to look like theirs. It is supposed to look like mine.  (Although I have to tell you that I’ve learned quite a few things from my more orderly friends.)

Audacious leaders do audacious things and live audacious lives – my kids live in a bold and messy world – that is balanced by God so that it works.  When it isn’t working, we go to Him and ask for His fix.  I’ve discovered that when I try to fix it myself, I mess things up…again.

God uses every personality, every gifting – together in a concert of praise.  To our ears, I think it sounds like a cacophony of noise, but God hears the overtones.  He uses the bold and the timid together.  He uses the fastidious and the perpetually messy together.  This is why we don’t try to balance our lives on our own.  We need the Balancer of the Universe to do it for us.  We may put the tools in our belt, but when it comes right down to it, He controls time, our health, our energy, and the interruptions are His ministry opportunities.

I need God fixes for this God-inspired life I’m living. Don’t you?


3 Responses to “Balance”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    I’ll bet your audience at NU learned a lot from you! You bring a great, every-day perspective to living out our lives as Christians, and as those in ministry. I like your point that God needs to be involved in our lives, for them to be best balanced, and I LOVE your photo of the turtle – how appropriate!

  2. karla Says:

    We talked about this today, and I never thought about balance this way before. I agree, only God can balance us, we can’t balance ourselves. And whenever I compare or look at other people, I always feel inadequate or envious or both, so its best not to go there, but to focus on our blessings.

  3. Ann Says:

    The other night when I had two things to do at once I was thinking I need to get my life back from all this stuff I am doing so I can give it back to God. Wrong, thinking, I need to give my life to God so He can balance it. I have been trying to balance my life and now its really out of balance. Thank you, Kim for your excellent prespective on balance. i needed to hear it!!!!

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