I’m reading a great book.  It’s called The Radical Leap by Steve Farber – if you are looking for a book on Extreme Leadership, this is the one.  One of the points that he makes is this:

Love generates energy.

Wow!  Just let that sink in for a few moments.  Think about the different areas of your life.  Love generates energy.

I’ve been thinking about this all day.  I’ve been looking at the things that make me jump out of bed, get all my chores done, and race out the door.  Then there are things that I show up habitually 10 minutes late for.  You know what? The difference is what I love.

The Christian life is that way.  Loving people, spending time with God.  We can be full of energy, or hoping no one will notice that we are wishing it would all go away.  Jesus doesn’t change.  We do.

We need to remember our first love.  Why do you love God?  Take some alone-time and worship Him.

What do you love about serving others?  You are making a difference.

Worship and time in the Bible ( John 14-17 ) are a good start to reinvigorating yourself and remembering your first love.


2 Responses to “Energy”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Good thoughts! Your blogs energize me; I love them! 🙂

  2. Rosie Flathers Says:

    Does that come in a pill form? Better yet IV, I can have it fed to me before I wake up. Oh I forgot, I do have an IV line straight into the source, God, He is the vine and I am the lesser branch, as I am plugged into His source of energy, I am energized and He is love. Leading exposing our condition of weakness and our source of strength energizes those around us. A branch disconnected from the vine withers and dies.

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