Notes from a Friend

I got a note from a friend this morning.  One line jumped out to me and I want to share with you:  God:






and restores

God sees what you are going through.  He never sleeps.  Nothing you are going through is hidden from Him.

God knows you.  He not only knows what you are going through, He knows what it feels like.  Some time ago I had the privelege of sharing a story with an old friend.  All I had to do was tell her what was said to me.  She *knew* exactly how I felt just by what was said.   She knew how the words hit me.  God knows you even better than that.

God cares.  Some days it doesn’t feel like it.  The disciples didn’t feel like Jesus cared when he was asleep in the boat.  They didn’t have his perspective.  He cares.  My dad used to clean out my scrapes with iodide.  I really didn’t think he was being caring.  He cared.

God understands.  Jesus walked the road to the cross.  Whether you feel alone, abandoned, rejected, afraid, on the edge, beaten down, beyond your limits, physically unable – Jesus understands.  No matter what you are going through, God gets it, He understands.

God delivers.  I wish He delivered like the UPS man, but He delivers us from our situations – He delivered the Children of Israel several times.  He delivered Joseph and Daniel by helping them thrive in their new environments.  In time, God will deliver you from any situation, and it will be for your betterment.

God restores.  A quick perusal of scripture finds God restoring relationship, fortunes, land, ministry, life, and health.  Requirement:  Put Him first.

So, here is my question today – what are you doing to put God first?


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