What I Learned From 2 Year Olds

I spent time with two-year-olds yesterday – about 10 of them.  Here are some things I learned:

  • Cute babies get attention easy
  • So do older kids who are helpers
  • When you scream, you get attention, but nobody likes you.
  • Throwing toys doesn’t work either.
  • When people try to take your toy, it doesn’t work to hit them.
  • Kids who have more words get more attention.
  • Making a stinky will get you attention, but only your bottom gets the attention – so that doesn’t work well either.
  • Making a mess at snack time will get you put in the high chair, or get your snack stolen by someone who is quick.
  • “More” is a good word to learn.
  • Making eye contact is a good way to get attention, especially if you hold a toy or book towards the person you are looking at.

From the day we start to interact with others, we begin to learn how important it is to control ourselves in order to get what we need.  We also learn how to contol other’s action through use of our own actions.  If we came out with all our capacities, we would miss some of those lessons.

What lessons are you learning today?


3 Responses to “What I Learned From 2 Year Olds”

  1. Jackie Ingham Says:

    To be patient. Things will fall into place especially when I have done all I can about it. And if it falls apart I still did my part and can face the consequences with my head up knowing that I did 110%

  2. Jeanine Says:

    When God has a job he wants me to do, he clears my calendar – unexpectedly, even.

  3. Pat Elder Says:

    We must learn to pray but then we must pray. Prayer is not optional; it is essential. Prayer is more powerful in heaven then money is on earth.

    Why do so few people seem know this? If they do know it, why behave as if they did not? It is a mystery to me.

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