Intimate Issues – Women Only


God made you a beautiful, sexual woman – full of grace and the ability to grow.  One of the areas that we often ignore when we concentrate on personal growth, is the area of our sex life.

Did I just say that??  Yes, and if you are married, you hope to have a great sex life.  However, there are seasons where you feel like you are just two ships passing.  You wonder…How can we relate? What is wrong?  How can I get answers to these questions without getting TOO much information?

Finally someone has written a book that will help.  Here are only a few of the 21 questions this book addresses:

  • How can I relate when He’s a Microwave and I’m a Crockpot?
  • How can I be Godly and Sexual?
  • What does God think about Sex?
  • What Do I Do When I Don’t Want to Do it?
  • How Can I Remain Faithful in a Faithless World?
  • How can I get Rid of Guilt over My Abortion?
  • Is It Possible to Get Beyond the Pain of Sexual Abuse?
  • What’s the Big Deal About Orgasm?
  • What’s Not Okay in Bed?
  • How Long Does it Take to Become a Godly, Sensuous Woman?

If this doesn’t have you jumping to go to Amazon and buy the book, consider this:

When my kids are 10 or 11, I have had them read So You Want to Be a Teenager by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.  What I found, is that by reading a book on sex at their level, it gave them language to have an honest conversation when the issues hit their life a few years later.  It also protected them from the misinformation that came their way at the lunch table.

Somehow, for something so personal, we seem to need language to process what we think and feel – otherwise all we have are the images, suggestions and often crass words put out there by the media.  (Did you know that every man over 50 who uses Viagra ends up in a bathtub on a beach or deck watching the sunset with his partner in a neighboring tub?)  With expectations like that, how can we compete?  By bringing your real questions to this book, you will get new language to have honest conversations with your husband and yourself.

You are a beautiful, competent woman.

You can buy this book here:  on Amazon.

I have two copies of this book to give away.  If you want one of them, please email me.


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