Leadership Online

I want to show you some of my favorite leadership sites.  These are sites I go to read, not the usual blogs that I quote on a regular basis.

5 minutes or Less is actually a blog, but a great one, and I took you to the beginning of a series that I’ve particularly enjoyed.

The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training these guys actually have a whole book online – I’ve been reading it on my phone while I wait in the car.  It is a great book.

BTW, both of those sites are done by the same person.

WomeninMinistry is by the Assemblies of God.  I get this in my email, and it always has good articles.  Several of my friends write for this publication, which is a really cool added bonus.

Here are a few online magazines that I enjoy:

The High Calling


Okay, enough for tonight.  Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Leadership Online”

  1. L.L. Barkat Says:

    Glad to find us in your list. : )

    Welcome to High Calling Blogs.

  2. karla Says:

    I read For young men only compliments of you and enjoyed it very much. Gave it to Steven to read. I read for women only and enjoyed that too. Don’t think I can get my husband to read the Men’s one. I really think they are excellent authors because you utilize research in their writing, not just their opinions or rewriting of previous material.

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