Living to 80

It was one of those moments when you feel like you’ve been caught with your pants down.

A friend of mine mentioned how she was exercising and eating right because when she is 80, she still wants to be able to have a fully functional body.  The realization hit me so hard, I stopped walking and just stood there.

My whole life I’d been planning for who I was going to be 20-40 years out – as a person.  I worked on developing my brain and personality, letting the Holy Spirit do His work on me so that I would continue ‘becoming’ the person I was supposed to be.  I had totally missed the fact that I needed to be this person inside my body.  My body needs to work well for me to be able to have the energy to operate as the person I’m becoming.

Thus enters the book I just read:  Never Say Diet, by Chantel Hobbs, and it’s companion, The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer.

I was really laissez faire about this or any other diet and exercise book.  Getting the gumption to get off my fanny seemed somewhat magical – like a fairy needed to come and sprinkle me with fairy dust.  Even when I started this book, in my mind, I was saying ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’.  (Aren’t I just a brat?)

But then something happened.  You see, (this is from me, not the book) you will be the same person you’ve always been unless your brain pathways get rerouted.  If you want to reroute your brain pathways regarding diet and exercise, one way is to read a book.  This book rerouted one of my brain pathways and got me back in the exercise groove that I fell out of two years ago, and have really missed.  It said this:  Taking care of your body is your JOB.  If you don’t show up for work, you don’t get paid, and you should be fired (My interpretation and paraphrase). Since I love to work, this really hit me where I am, and I got it.

Here are a couple quotes that I highlighted:

“We prevent ourselves from excelling by overmothering ourselves.  When you constantly check in with yourself – Am I exhausted? Am I hungry? Am I cold? Am I tired? How do I feel today? _ you don’t achieve personal bests.  Instead, you’re nurturing self-centeredness.  But when you stop thinking and start doing, you go further than you thought you could.  And you feel really, really strong.” (page 69)

“Being uncomfortable is no reason not to do something.” (page 71)

It reminded me of something else I read recently – “Mind over Matter – if you don’t mind, it won’t matter.”

All I can tell you is that from a bad attitude, I started exercising.  I started “showing up to work” – and loving it.  My brain pathways were switched and I’m taking care of myself – because someday, I’m going to be 80, and I will have a lot to give.

This book has two parts.  The first part is brain training, featuring the five decisions that you need to make.  Then the second half focuses on a sixteen week plan to get you on your way.  The Personal Fitness Trainer is a journal/log with prompts for you to document your progress.  What joy to mark your progress!

You can order this book from here:  Never Say Diet

The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer

You can also visit the author’s web site here:  Chantel Hobbs

The publishers were very nice and gave me an extra copy to give away.  Do you need to get yourself into the groove of taking care of your body?  Do you need to put exercise in your daily routine?  Be the first to email me and it is yours.


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