Cool Things to Take a Look At

Okay – it has been a long time since I’ve told you about some of the cool things I’ve found, so I thought I’d show you them tonight.  Just click on the links below to investigate them for yourself.

Here is a GREAT leadership blog, which also has a whole book online if you become a member:

Blog:  FiveMinutesORLess


Here are a couple of cool open source programs – Inkscape is the best drawing program we have ever seen. (My husband, Wes, found this one.)

Desktop Publishing: Scribus

Drawing/Art program (really amazing):  Inkscape

As open source programs, they are free.  I was using Scribus in combination with my photo editor.  As first glance, it doesn’t appear as powerful as Adobe Pagemaker, but it is still great – especially if you need a desktop publishing program.  We had a blast playing with Inkscape – it has amazing features, that are TONS of fun – and you wouldn’t believe the pictures people have drawn with this program!

Great blog to read:  How the Creative Stay Creative by Tony Morgan

Another one:   There is a Dynamic Tension Between Artists and Leaders by Tim Stevens

Also, I’m reading a fun book called “The DNA of Leadership” by Judith E. Glaser – in it she talks about the language of leadership, and building a functional atmosphere of team.

That’s all for now.  Happy Weekend.


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