The Battle is in the Mind

When you read the Psalms (See Psalms 42-43), you find that the writers talked to themselves a lot.  Often, they would say ‘this is how I feel, but self, we are going to trust in the Lord.’

How you think determines how you exist in a hard time.  When you want to give up on your resolve, or maybe you already did; when you find bad news, or feel overwhelmed, how you think determines how you live.  We can learn from the writers of the Psalms.

  • Talk to God – remind yourself who He is.
  • Explain your position and feelings to God
  • Then make a decision on how you are going to respond based on who God is.

Note:  Don’t base your actions on your circumstances, base them on who God is.

Are you having trouble meeting your New Year’s Resolutions?  Are you overwhelmed by events or circumstances?

Put your eyes on God – remind yourself that He is powerful and able.  He gave Moses the ability to stand before Pharaoh.  He gave Esther the ability to become a woman most pleasing before the king.   He gave Daniel and his friends the ability to eat well and live well and gain favor with the Babylonian rulers. He kept Jeremiah safe in a ravaged land, and Ezekiel safe among those taken captive.

Then, give Him the authority to make the changes in you.  Get your strength from Him instead of yourself.

Choose to walk in joy and praise.  Renew your mind with His word and get your strength from Him – not in dribbles, but in there under the waterfall.

As you get your strength from God, you will meet those resolutions, you will walk in victory.  You will get opportunities to share the hope and be a light.  You will have joy…one day at a time.


2 Responses to “The Battle is in the Mind”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Perfect. Every word. Just what I needed to read right NOW!

  2. audrey Says:

    Today as i was coming to work…. I was already almost at the office and i remembered to ask God to be with me today, to guide and direct me in all i do. And i was so glad because you know i was already almost at work and I caught myself and remembered to ask God into my life, again, today. You know, it makes for a GOOD day.

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