Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight


“Our habits produce fruit. Are you hungry for change? Do you want your life to be sweeter than ever before? Then plant different habits.

“I don’t know what changes you want to make, so I can’t tell you what old habits to discard and which new habits to embrace. But what you and I can do together is figure out how to identify habits we’d love to ditch and those we’d love to keep or develop, and then take a look at some really great strategies for making the switch.”

One of the great things I’ve done over vacation is to read Only Nuns Change Habits Over Night by Karen Scalf Linamen. What a terrific book! It was like getting a dose of myself, on steroids! Whether you are a naturally positive person, or get up in the morning and have to convince Helga to keep quiet all day, you will find this book encouraging, entertaining, and just the crowbar you need to get going on becoming the person you want to be!

Karen puts your brain right where it needs to be to start…or stop new habits.

“In talking about habits, Matthew Kelly writes ‘Addictions are acquired by practicing a certain type of behavior often and excessively. Character is acquired by practicing a certain type of behavior often and excessively.’” (pg.55)

“The next time you face adversity, engage your C.O.R.E….It’s a wartime strategy to win the battle that can wage in our minds when we face any bigger-than-life challenge.

Control the elements that you can control

Take Ownership of your own progress

Don’t let this single adversity Reach into every part of your life and contaminate your outlook or relationships.

Don’t buy into the lie that today’s nightmare will Endure forever.” (pg. 166)

I don’t think I’ve ever read a better chapter on procrastination. In fact, I liked this book so much that I wrote down the books she quoted and am making my way through them as well.

You know a writer is worth the read when she shares her life so well that you feel like you could sit down to coffee with her and not miss a beat. Karen is one of those writers.  She is also a speaker – she is funny, open and really inspiring.

Just in time for the New Year, you can find this book on here: Change Habits.

You can visit Karen Scalf Linamen’s web site at

I have two copies to give away. Be one of the first two people to tell me what habit you want to change (add or delete) and the book is yours.


One Response to “Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight”

  1. Ann Van Camp Says:

    I need to change the habit of hitting the snooze button ten times instead of getting up and going for a walk every morning and spending time ALONE with God. That way I would feel better about everything.

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